Single-Line Rainbow Family Kite

Single-Line Rainbow Family Kite

Single-Line Rainbow Family Kite
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If you are looking for an exciting, super-fun family kite then you’ve come to the right place. 


This kite uses new technology that enables it to inflate and take shape with the wind, yet without any fixed parts making it very light, virtually unbreakable and beautifully quick to soar into the skies.


This kite puts smiles on the faces of kids (and the grown-ups). The kite unreels itself with great ease, lifting higher and higher to 165ft (50m). With fun ‘kite tails’ each measuring 16ft (5m), this is a kite that is mesmerising to watch hover in the sky. 


Perfect for all aged 3+. Adult supervision is required at all times. A kite which will bring you, your family and friends endless hours of enjoyment whether out on a picnic or a day at the beach. It packs up super small and weighs just a few hundred grams so won’t take up any valuable luggage weight allowance on your next vacation. 


The perfect introductory kite to single-line kiting. A stable kite which will certainly help towards keeping everyone entertained in a really fun and healthy way. Would make a unique and ideal gift with the added benefit of Flexifoil’s Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.


This kite is incredible value for money given how reliable and durable the kite is. Even Flexifoil kites sold in 1972 still fly today like they did when they were first flown. The kite, flying line and handle are strong. The material doesn’t stretch so the performance of the kite always remains unparalleled. A great deal of care and effort goes in to the manufacture of the kite and the quality control to ensure you are delivered a first-class product is unrivalled.

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Single-Line Rainbow Family Kite

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Single-Line Rainbow Family Kite
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