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Take high-quality, breath-taking aerial shots. No prior camera experience needed. High-quality protection gloves to keep you safe during flying time.

Various storage bags to keep everything organised at all times. An anchor leash to help you fly independently. A 60-page user manual to show you all the ins and outs you need to know when using your Camera Kite. Reliable performance in winds from 8mph (13kph) to 20mph (32kph).

Reel in and out – quickly and easily – like a pro. Stylish colours that suit any style and match any taste. Waterproof backpack to protect your equipment no matter the terrain or weather. Stabiliser ensures your action camera or smartphone remains straight even while the kite is moving.


Why the Dacron cage? We use this to encase the spars (spars are the poles which make up the kite frame), as well as to help avoid any undesired wear and tear on the kite’s edges. Speaking of the spars, these are constructed using 5mm carbon fibre tubes which also house internal bungees to save time & hassle during assembly. The spars when assembled make up the kite’s robust carbon frame. The result? The kite is given a powerful stiff shape yet on a surprisingly light frame, boosting performance.

The Camera Kite has been expertly engineered using high-quality nylon ripstop material with a Dacron cage construction. Why nylon ripstop? Well, not only is this material refreshingly lightweight, but it’s also far stronger than many would think – the perfect combination for a great kite-flying session!

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